The early frost on Deokyu Mountain.Maple blooms in full swing next week.

Because of the autumn cold, Sanggodae and frost flowers were spectacular in Muju, North Jeolla Province.

Early cold weather will continue for the weekend today, and the cold weather will speed up the maple front.

This is Jeong Hye-yoon's report.안전놀이터 추천

The summit of Muju in North Jeolla Province.

On the top of the screen, a silver tree with a red maple under it gives a spectacular view.

The frost is the frost flower, the ivory tower that appears when frost freezes on branches.

The early autumn cold set us up 20 days earlier than usual.

Even inland, Seoul, Suwon, and Andong were hit by the first frost, and the first ice was observed in Cheorwon and Daegwanryeong.

[The first frost in Seoul was also reported to be 19 days earlier than last year and 14 days earlier than usual.]

This fall's cold weather will continue through the weekend and cool down from Sunday afternoon.

The early cold weather made citizens uncomfortable, but it helped the maple front move south quickly.

First, Gangwon-do, which has maple leaves, is close to the peak of Odaesan Mountain and the peak of Seoraksan Mountain.

Mt. Chiak in Gangwon Province, Mt.

We'll see the first fall foliage in most parts of Seoul next week.

In particular, the fall season is in full swing after the first two weeks of fall, so you will be able to enjoy the colorful fall leaves all over the country by the end of this month.

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