From pardons to criminal investigations.Closing the National Assembly audit

【 = Newsis, Seoul, Korea and Auger naunchae be Park Eunbi Journalist : 12 parliamentary inspection of the Ministry of Justice, Legislation and Judiciary Committee, Moon Jae-in Gangjeong village ' of the president amnesty.'biggest issues, the statement from the legal profession' Judicial review the various topics to investigate allegations of ' nongdan an altercation took place between ruling and opposition parties.

In addition, various topics such as the prosecution's reform, the prosecution's investigation of past investigation committee, and the government's investigation on the investigation of the investigation rights of prosecutors and police, and measures to respond to the scandal were discussed.

The parliamentary inspection of the Ministry of Justice ended at 10:42 p.m. with Park`s closing remarks. The Legislation and Judiciary Committee plans to conduct a parliamentary inspection of the Busan High Court and Busan High Prosecutors' Office on the 16th.메이저놀이터

◇文 Aborts parliamentary inspection in the morning of President Kangjeong's pardon

The Liberty Korea Party opened its front door shortly after the beginning of the parliamentary inspection. He pointed out that he would actively consider pardoning and reinstatement of villagers and civic activists who were taken to oppose the construction of the naval base at Kangjeong Village on the previous day.

The Gangjeong Village case has yet to be tried. In this case, he raised the question, saying, "It is an act to nullify the trial and hope the judiciary."

In response, Rep. Cho Eung-chun of the main opposition Minjoo Party said, "We should talk about whether the legal administration is right or whether the human rights of the people are protected."

The ruling and opposition parties continued to speak, and the situation became tense. Lawmaker Yeo Sang-kyu declared the meeting for 10 minutes, but lawmakers of the ruling and opposition parties did not show up, and the inspection was not resumed until 11:50 a.m. However, the parliamentary inspection ended without question and answer.

Minister Park said nothing has been decided yet regarding the amnesty. "When this issue becomes a matter of amnesty in the future, we will consider it according to relevant laws," Park explained.

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