▽ 269.9 billion = The list of corrupt kindergartens nationwide has been revealed, and as many as 1,146 places have been uncovered.

Amid the disclosure of the nationwide list of corruption kindergartens, parents' distrust of kindergartens is growing.


"There were cases of buying adult goods, buying luxury bags, and repairing the director's foreign car with kindergarten fees for children," Park blogged.

MBC found that 1,146 kindergartens nationwide used public funds for inappropriate use since 2014.

The list of corrupt kindergartens is now available on MBC's news website.

According to the data, a kindergarten in Seoul embezzled private car rents for three years under the pretext of "passing car use," and a kindergarten found some 118 million won in private accounts for the welfare of teachers.

As the total amount of embezzled money by illegal kindergartens is estimated to be about 26.9 billion won, parents are increasingly criticizing it.

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